sexta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2011

(Half a Destiny - P.M)

I could not hide a feeling
because my heart keeps on beating
Life showed me the way
and it`s inside an open book
cause I`m no good with hiding games

I could spend all the time by your side
and minutes would never fail again
caught me thinking about your eyes
and the place they represent

The only thing that matters now
are the keys we can find
Eternity knows how to open destiny
and we could leave it all behind...

Some meanings made me disappear
but the rain came and washed my way
now I dont need other feelings
and thats all I have to say...

2 comentários:

Ju Fuzetto disse...

Rain washes and renews

Pedro Melo disse...

isso ai Ju...valeu pelo coment..sempre fortalecendo eh nois demais !! bom final de semana pra ti!